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Family Forward Advocacy CT

Parenting Through Trauma?

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Advocate for Change.

Family Forward Advocacy CT

Founders & Action Team

Maureen A. O'Neill - Davis


Maureen grew up enveloped in her family's business. Mental health and substance abuse treatment services introduced her to the impact of trauma on the human condition, She built a professional marketing career around the arts- dance, music, and the concert promotion and touring industry, Later, as an entrepreneur, her real estate, parking services, and retail/e-commerce businesses thrived. Advocacy around child welfare and reforming child-serving systems grew out of her own family's sudden and agonizing personal journey with kinship adoption, parenting through trauma, and surviving intrusive and misguided broken systems of care.

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Cheryl A. Brown

Co-Founder/ Vice President

Cheri's decision to adopt came at a very early age and was fulfilled after living a fantastically robust life funded by a successful business executive career. Cheri's calling included the adoption of an emotionally disturbed sibling group in need of a forever home. Advocacy for child welfare and family integrity developed from the education provided by the depth of her children's mental health needs, the harmful interventions of Connecticut's child welfare systems, and the ignorance of lawmakers.

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Our Family Forward ACTion Team

Shayna Wilson

Community Outreach

Services for the Deaf

Shayna Wilson is the proud mom of 3 beautiful girls. Shayna began learning American sign language while taking parent sign language classes at the school for the deaf when her daughter was just 3 years old in 2004. Shayna further immersed herself in deaf culture by becoming a residential counselor at The American School for the deaf from '11-'17. Shayna has gone on to advocate for her daughter throughout the state of Connecticut on issues such as childcare reform with a focus on children with mental health needs.

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