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Family Forward Advocacy CT

Parenting Through Trauma?

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Advocate for Change.

You Are Not Alone.


Adoption, Attachment Disruption,

Complex & Early Trauma

Therapeutic Parent Mentoring,

Strategies. Tips & Support Groups

Advocate Representation 

Self-Care Connection & Resources


Courses, Seminars, and Workshops

Community Building & Outreach 

Child-Serving System Reform Activities

Public Policy Advocacy Trips & Events

Parent Resiliency Workshop

4 Workshops - May 23rd through June 3rd, 2023

A Connecticut In-Person Event

Highlight on Presenters

Dr. Langston, LMSW, RPT, a trauma-centered family and youth therapist, will explore the scientific link between brain development and relationships. Early trauma impacts brain development leading to, among other symptoms, impulsivity, and elevated survival response. The maladaptive behaviors that manifest can be complicated, but effective relational therapy for parents and the child can be critical. A discussion of therapeutic parenting strategies will follow.

As an attorney defending the rights of parents to secure appropriate, often complex behavioral healthcare and treatment for struggling children, Attorney Vincent understands parents need guidance. Attorney Vincent will discuss parental/ guardianship rights in a DCF investigation, pathways to accessing the highest levels of care, and what navigating child-serving systems entails. The goal is to find out how it all works. 

Our Mission

Family Forward Advocacy CT is dedicated to supporting families raising children with early developmental trauma (EDT), attachment disruption, and those formed through adoption. FFACT develops parent partnerships and strengthens family integrity practices across child-serving systems. We build awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the impact they have on children and their families, and we empower the voices of parents committed to both parenting thru trauma and advocating for change.

We Are Community

Our team of moms and dads, parents with lived experience and purpose, know how hard it is to parent through trauma and navigate child-serving systems. We Know the impact of early traumatic experiences on kids especially pre-verbal, is misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and often viewed as a "parenting problem". We know that raising typical kids and keeping a home while working is one thing, but add a complex need child to the mix and it can be chaotic, exhausting, isolating, overwhelming, and even dangerous.


We offer services, events, and support in these domains:

  • Advocate Services - Direct Services to Parents & Defense Attorney Coordinated Support
  • Advocacy Training - Empower Your Voice to Advocate for your Child's Special Needs; Public Policy Reform ACTion Planning, Coaching & Organizing
  • Education - Therapeutic Parenting Live Discussions & Webinars; Activate Your Voice Advocacy Planning Course and Parent Mentoring;  Parenting Thru Trauma Podcast
  • Information and Resource Sharing, News, Links, Talks, and Partner Introductions
  • Connection - Professional Representation and Clinical Services Referrals
  • Outreach - Provider Partnership Services and Parent Support Group
  • Networking - Federal Child Welfare Public Policy Reform Action Opportunities in concert with Family Forward Foundation, the Family Forward Project, and the Grandma Warriors

Let us help you be even more 


then you already are! 


~ Support The Work ~

Our Services

Advocate Services

Direct & One-to-One

Child Behavioral/Mental Health Care Access


Child Welfare Involvement

Special Education Services

Legal Defense - Coordinated Tailored Support Services

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Education, Workshops

Support Services

Therapeutic Parenting  Bootcamp

Recorded & Live Forum

Policy Reform ACTion Planning

Parent Advocacy Coaching

Parent Mentoring

Public Speaker Bookings

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Information, News,  Resources & Links

Partners & Resources

Referrals & Links

Public Policy Reform Networking

Interviews and Panel Discussions

Media Links, TedTalks & Feeds

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Family Forward Project

A Grassroots National Movement

 We Lobby Lawmakers to Reform the U.S. Child Welfare System. Our influence lead to the

Creation and Passage of the Family First Prevention Services Act

Family First Prevention Services Act Legislation

Lobby efforts began in 2016. Passage of the Bill came on February 9th, 2018. States all across the country are in various stages of developing their state plans and implementing reform.

CT DCF's FFPSA Plan Receives Approval as reported by NBC

March 8, 2022

NBC Connecticut

News Story

Podcast Introduction RSS Link CLICK HERE

Child on Parent Violence

Is it domestic violence when the child assaults the parent?

March 10, 2021

Available Now

Family Forward Project

The State of Child Welfare

Explore the impact and trends in child welfare with special guest, TN attorney Connie Reguli.

April 7, 2021

Available Now

Calling 911 or 211: Is it a last resort?

first responder 101 for when your child's behaviors put themselves & others at risk.

May 21, 2021

Available Now

Parenting Thru Trauma Podcast

Autumn Episodes

Hope Lost. Hope Restored.

Beyond the impact of foster care, its about healing and thriving in connection and purpose. 

Sept. 7, 2021

Audible only.

5-year old Trauma Tantrum 

Managing BIG trauma tantrums requires patience, preparation and strategies.

October 2022

Coming soon!

Trauma sensitive schools

The Role of Special Education

Does early childhood trauma affect how kids experience the classroom and learn?

November 2022

Coming soon!

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Anchor, Spotify, YouTube & Other Streaming Services

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Kitchen Counter Chit-Chat

A virtual "support group" for parents and guardians parenting through trauma and adoption, navigating child-serving systems, and raising kids affected by significant Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Our peer community meets twice a month. It's a casual "kitchen counter" experience, delivered via Zoom. It does not matter where you are located geographically and you do not need to be a service client. Join us to listen, learn and share. You are not alone.

Click the links below to register.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the group.


Learn More

2nd Monday of the Month

12 PM - 1:30 PM

Chit-Chat Zoom Link Registration

Passcode: 716968

4th Monday of the Month

6:30 PM - 8 PM

Chit-Chat Zoom Link Registration

Passcode: 935440

We Support Families in a Variety of Ways

Advocacy ~ Education ~ Legal Defense Support ~ Mentoring ~ Outreach

Your generous contribution helps us provide pro bono and sliding scale services to families and parents in need of help and hope. Parents raising kids with significant trauma-rooted impairments often experience reduced household income, professional setbacks, anxiety, fear and fatigue, community and family alienation, emergency and unpredictable child welfare scrutiny and clinical services, and legal costs.

We work with clients who need encouragement, respite, and support often experiencing their own trauma-informed stress and exhaustion, regardless of their ability to pay.

Although we are currently registered as a for-profit entity, and we serve families and lobby lawmakers to inform legislative change vigorously without the support of funding, we encourage donations. Our mission informs our work. Your generosity fuels that work. Help us help others find help and hope. Please give generously.


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Family Forward Advocacy CT, Inc.

Established in 2018

This site was created for information sharing and support.

WE ARE NOT LAWYERS! We want to empower people through sharing knowledge, experiences, helping people to find resources, services, and legal information available within their community & moral support.


​We are not attorneys and any information provided here is not intended to be substituted for legal advice supplied by a licensed attorney. Any action you take as a result of the information found here is solely your responsibility, and it is up to you to decide how you will use it. As such, we are not liable for your actions or for anything that may occur as a result of your decision to act on anything found on our site or on our partnered Facebook pages. Please take great care and do your due diligence to research your own case, as each case has its own unique characteristics. Again, we highly recommend you seek licensed legal representation before taking action on any information provided here.